A Registration Authority ("RA") is an office appointed by the IDRBT CA that collects and processes Digital Certificate requests and Certificate revocation/suspension requests. The application form for the digital certificates is as prescribed in the IT Act, 2000 and is available at IDRBT CA Repository. The duly filled application form contains information about the Applicant's/Subscriber's identity, authorization, role and other information, which will be used by the RA to verify the credentials of Applicant or Subscriber.

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Registration Authority receives the applications for the Digital Certificate from the Applicant/Subscriber and verifies the details contained in the Application. An RA will also verify the documents accompanying the application form for different Classes of Certificate as mentioned in the IDRBT CA CPS. In case of Class 3 Certificates, the Applicant/Subscriber must present before the RA for personal verification. If the verification is successful, then the request is forwarded to the IDRBT CA recommending generation of a Digital Certificate for the verified Applicant/Subscriber. If he finds anything wrong in the certificate application, the RA has the right to reject it.

An RA shall be responsible for the following:

  • Receiving the Certificate requests and Subscriber Agreement (if required) for the Digital Certificates from the Applicants.

  • Verifying the applications as per the terms and conditions of the IDRBT CA CPS, and upon successful verification, requesting the IDRBT CA to generate a Digital Certificate for the respective applicant as per the terms and conditions in the IDRBT CA CPS .

  • Receiving and verifying the requests for Certificate suspension, activation and revocation from the Subscribers and upon successful verification, forwarding the request to the IDRBT CA.

  • May notify the Subscribers when their Digital Certificate shall expire in advance.

  • Creating and maintaining an accurate audit trail of all RA operations.

  • Rejection of Digital Certificate applications in the event the Applicant/Subscriber does not indicate acceptance of obligations as per IDRBT CA CPS or inaccurate information furnished by the Applicant/Subscriber.

  • Additional obligations as set forth in the Master agreement.


  • The RA or IDRBT CA shall not be responsible if the Subscriber�s Private Key is compromised and a request for Suspension, Revocation or Activation is placed on Subscribers behalf.

  • The RA or IDRBT CA shall not be responsible to inform users of revocation of their Certificates in case of the request being initiated by the Subscribers themselves. In case of request being initiated by RA or IDRBT CA, the Subscriber shall be informed of the action being taken.

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