Class 1 Certificate:

Description: Class 1 certificates are issued only to individuals employed in banks and financial institutions. Class 1 certificates  confirm that a user's name (or alias) and e-mail address form a distinct subject name within the IDRBT CA repository. Class 1 certificates are added to his/her set of available certificates in the directory services. They are used primarily for digital signature to enhance the security of these environments. Class 1 Encryption Certificate is used for e-mail purposes.

Following the submission of Class 1 Certificate Application (both online and offline) to the RA under IDRBT CA, the RA verifies the name, e-mail address and the postal address in the request. RA has the right to reject the certificate request if it finds not meeting the criteria. RA then digitally signs the certificate request and sends to IDRBT CA for the issuance of the certificate. Although IDRBT CA's Class 1 Certificate identification process is a method of authenticating a certificate applicant's identity, it does not require the applicant's personal appearance before the RA.  

The validity period of Class 1 Certificates is two years.

 Assurance level: For Class 1 Certificates the authentication of the identity is done by the RA. The verification of the certificate request represent a simple check of the certainty of the subject name within the IDRBT CA repository, plus a limited verification of the address, other personal information and e-mail address.

The Class 1 Certificate is intended to use for Digital Signature and Class 1 encryption Certificates is used for Encrypting e-mails. Class 1 Certificates shall be Digital Certificates under IT Act, and the legal effect, conjecture and evidentiary value of Digital Certificates as provided in the IT Act will be applicable.

The validity period of Class-1 Certificates is two years.

Price (per year)

Procedures and charges are under revision.

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