RBI has commenced an integrated project on Negotiated Dealing System, which will provide electronic dealing platform for trading in government securities and money market instruments and computerization of its Public Debt Offices for complete automation of the operations (called the PDO-NDS Project). The Project will facilitate electronic bidding in auctions and transparency of trades in secondary market transactions in Government securities on a real time basis.

IDRBT CA will issue digital certificates for Banks and Financial Institutions for PDO NDS application. The certificates are issued for certain period of validity. On reaching the validity IDRBT CA notifies the subscribers regarding the expiry of the same. Subscribers should make new certificate request upon the expiry of the existing certificate.

Download the procedures for getting digital certificates for PDO-NDS application.

Download the utility for generating certificate request ( Unzip this file to a folder and double-click RequestGen.exe for creating certificate request.

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