The Relying parties can access IDRBT CA's directory services to check the Digital Certificates and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) using the following links:

The ldap uses 389 port. 


The information given above is not specific to and is independent of applications such as RTGS, SFMS, CFMS or any other PKI-enabled application. For your application specific issues and configuration of LDAP parameters at your location, you are requested to get in touch with owners/implementers/integrators of applications for which you intend to use IDRBT CA LDAP (directory) services.

The information pertaining to subscribers accessed through IDRBT CA directory services is subject to Relying Party Agreement described in IDRBT CA CPS.

The domain name and IP address of the directory services is subject to change. The changes (if any) will be published in this website time to time.