This section features  guides, white papers, technical documents, and articles. 

Most of the following information is available in public domain.

Guides to Internet Security

Understanding Internet security is easy with our Guides to Internet Security. A question and answer based format with simple navigation provides information on secure commerce and e-mail, certification authorities, cryptography, and public key cryptography.

 White Papers

  • An Introduction to Cryptography and Digital Signatures v2.0 (download | view

  • Trusted Public-Key Infrastructures (download | view)

  • Understanding Digital Certificates and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) (download | view)

Technical Documents


  • A Framework for Smart Card Payment Systems (download | view)

  • Electronic Commerce and Banks in India (download | view

  • All about Digital Certificates -- a layperson's introduction ( view )

  • Technical Information about Certificates ( view )


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