With regard to Digital certificate required for Setting up of the Test System at RBI Central Site-Facility for End-to-End Testing-Expansion of RTGS Customer Base, please find guidelines below to be followed for obtaining Digital Certificates from IDRBT CA, Hyderabad:  

  1. Class 3 certificate (Signing & Encryption) will be issued for one-year validity for RTGS Test system at RBI Central site-facility.

  1. Charges:  Class 3 Signing Certificate (Validity: One Year) @ Rs. 10,000/- and Class 3 Encryption Certificate (Validity: One Year) @ Rs. 10,000/-.

  1. Only those Users in Banks/FIs who have already taken RTGS class 3 certificates (being used on existing RTGS PI) will have to apply for these certificates using same userid, password issued to them by IDRBT.

  1. Other users if they want to apply for RTGS class 3 certificates for use in RTGS test system, will have to visit IDRBT, Hyderabad to get Class 3 certificates.

  1. DN and CSN details to be strictly followed as per RBI guidelines. Refer Annexure I in the download link below.

  1. Administrative charges of Rs. 1000/- per certificate will have to be paid, if reapplied for the certificate (Signing / encryption) because of the following reasons:

    • Mismatch in DN field details

    • Request not generated using proper process specified by the RTGS application provider/RBI

Download the procedure/application form for getting digital certificates for RTGS End-to-End Test System.

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